Church Sermon 1/18/15

Now, I know that I have friends from all walks of life. Different religions, different beliefs, I love that about every one of them. I’m not the most devout man, and I feel I have a more inquisitive view on religion than most, but I believe what I believe.

I volunteered to present a sermon at my church a few Sundays back, and I have to admit, it was a challenge interpreting what I read in the Bible. But in doing so, I realized that, as people, we are so dead set in what we see, and so unquestioningly so, that we fail to realize that all of our views are part of a bigger picture and alone we only know so much.

Without further ado, here is that sermon.

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The Inner Workings of a Sidelined Mind

So, for a while now, I’ve wanted to get into costuming. In some way, shape, or form, it’s been a curiosity of mine. Pirate costumes. Cosplay (Be it anime or video games). Theatre. But, due to financial constraints (and my own lack of self-motivation), I’ve never taken the time nor the effort to try it.

But these last few months, I’ve seen at least the cosplay community explode in this gigantic clusterfudge of blame, shaming, and witch hunting. How can you call yourself a community when all there is to show is finger pointing and animosity? Where is the togetherness, the camaraderie?

For a while, I thought I could deal. You know, it’s just humans being humans. Then, I stumbled across this little ditty:

Now, this is just plan ridiculous. It’s borderline conspiracy theory! This is cosplay! It’s pretty cut-and-dry, don’t you think? If someone does something well, you’d think that they’d be allowed to reap the rewards of their efforts. Unfortunately, it’s not the case.

It’s things like this that make me hesitant to even attempt to engage in cosplay. But, I’m fortunate enough to know that there are still some good people out there who are willing to support cosplayers in what they do best.

Why can’t it be more like Renaissance Festivals, where we can all just drink beer and be merry?

“You are brave warriors. Masters of the universe, all.”

At first thought, I miss the days when things were simple. When you could simply let life pass by. But then, I realize that to do such would mean that you wouldn’t experience life for what it really is.

Ignorance isn’t bliss. Never has been. If we don’t learn, for good or for bad, what knowledge do we have to pass on to our children? Or to anyone’s children? To those who look up to us? If we fear the repercussions of our actions, our thoughts, and our words, who are we to tell others what to do?

Unfortunately, my mind has wandered for now, but I will likely touch on this in another post down the line.